A Happy New Dawn

When I was in my final year at secondary school aged fifteen, (all of 35 years ago) I had the strangest and most disappointing lesson.

We were told somewhat cheerlessly that in ten years two of us would be dead (very sadly true) and we looked miserably around the room at each other.  We were then reassured on a `happier’ note that the physical jobs most of our parents did would shrink or completely cease to exist.

This was not bad news, however, because we would have machines to do the household drudge and we would have short working weeks filled with intellectually stimulating work and loads of leisure time to have fun.

The teachers then spent an hour telling us that we needed to learn how to enjoy ourselves in a healthy way and we would have longer healthier lives than ever before.  There were slides of people on exotic holidays, water-skiing or playing tennis and it looked good.

As I knelt on my hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor this morning I was reminded of this lesson once more.

Last Christmas I received a robot vacuum cleaner but it goes half way across the floor, stops and switches itself off and so far, the human manufacturers (or robots perhaps) have failed to help.  Whilst there have been missions to the outer planets of the solar system, space stations, cloning and laser eye surgery there are still women scrubbing floors all over the world. Star Wars

I went on to enjoy the New Star Wars Film this afternoon and saw little evidence of housework there either.  People did things to survive, they worked, they ate, they drank but no-one cleaned up, perhaps that is because it is the most unexciting thing anyone could think of or perhaps it is seen as unimportant.  But in a way I think the film is quite correct because no-one wants to think there’ll still be women scrubbing the kitchen floor in the future.

If only you could do the job with a lightsabre.


Happy New Year Everyone and, may the force be with you.



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