Oxfam’s has in a third year come out with well-timed press releases that cover its concern about the world’s increasing gap between the rich and the poor.  These communication exercises are obviously aimed at the yearly meetings at the World Economic Forum of Davos.

Is Global Inequality really growing ?

Oxfam, a UK based charity now gone global, published last month a report informing on the wealth of the world’s richest people and highlighted the growing differentiation of the rich from the poor, demonstrating at the same time that 62 richest billionaires in the world would own as much wealth as the world’s poorest 3.6 billion peoples.  Oxfam’s estimate that each of the 62 billionaires wealth is $23.4 billion whereas it is merely $489 per capita for the poorer half of the world’s population.

The United Nations produced its own report that covered the global humanitarian finance gap that is growing according to the UN’s Secretary-General  . . . 

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