Dubai among Top 5 Cities Globally for Entrepreneurs . . .

Dubai Emirate has been ranked among the Top 5 cities globally for entrepreneurs, according to a new report released by property advisory firm Knight Frank in their Global Lifestyle Review – 2016. Knight Frank, is a leading UK  and global marketing residential & commercial properties consultant with a strong presence in the Middle East.

The estate agent firm proceeded with the review of the most important lifestyle elements that individuals would consider when relocating their businesses.  It analysed the lifestyle that are predominant in in 26 ‘favourable’ tax locations around the world for people at three different stages of their life.  It has weighted various lifestyle elements and identified the top ten places to live for 3 types of individuals; e.g. an entrepreneur, family and retired couple.

For the entrepreneur, it marked Hong Kong top of the list, followed by London and Vancouver.

Cities were ranked on the basis of as various factors as many like safety and security, cost of transport and distance to airport, hours of sunshine per year, cost of petrol, and of annual healthcare, property market performance and above all else of quality of life generally.

Dubai, which ranked fourth globally, shared its position with Geneva, Sydney and Vienna.

For retired couples, the emirate ranked 5th for families following Luxembourg, Vienna, Hong Kong and Geneva.

The above publication happened in a background dominated by the persistence of low oil prices and restricted budgets.  Two snapshots, one of each the stream’s ends of the property market would possibly best illustrate Dubai’s situation.

  • Closer to the ground, high house prices and deposit requirements mean more and more people living in the UAE rent their homes rather than buy them according to new survey.
  • Also when asked what the problems are with the region’s construction industry, the professionals of mainly the international contracting giants would quite happily list lots of ponderables.