Green Buildings Certification process in the US

LEED led for years; could it be left behind?
The Green Buildings Certification process in the US for which, more and more contractors are considering for their sustainable building projects ratings, LEED alternatives, according to a report released by Turner Construction.
An increasing number of construction industry leaders appear to be interested in substitutes to the conventional LEED certification system.
Turner’s 2014 Green Building Market Barometer report, says that there is definitely some interest in other equivalent systems, such as the Green Globes, EnergyStar and a number of others.
The report study surveyed more than 300 executives and the results showed indications whereby, “Respondents expressed a significantly increased interest in alternative rating systems, with 43% of respondents saying they would be extremely or very likely to seek alternative certification other than LEED, to a point that it is significantly more than the 2012 number of 17%.”
“The market for green building certification is clearly changing,” said Jerry Yudelson, president of the Green Building Initiative, a non-profit organisation dedicated to accelerating the adoption of green building practices.
“Building owners are more interested in cost-effective rating systems that help them to undertake design of and operate commercial properties.  We view this as a positive sign for the future growth of the Green Globes family of green building rating systems.”
The green building certification market was dominated for a long time by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) mainly because it was the first certification system to successfully convince businesses that building ‘green’ could be economical.  A certain social climate coupled with new legislation at the time did help in the establishment of the LEED requirement.  This however has evolved lately with the advent of more social awareness of the environment and man induced effects on it.
This sudden interest amongst US building contractors that had shot up 250% in the last two years is not a surprise and therefore not difficult to trace its originating factors.

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