Tourists or Investors; Trends or Trade

The latest trends in international commerce are interrogations of this type: Tourists or Investors; Trends or Trade.

  1. The European Parliament voted in 2013 to allow visa-free travel for UAE citizens to Schengen countries.

The United Arab Emirates nationals according to the Italian Ambassador to the UAE, are expected to be the first Arabs to receive a visa waiver for Europe as of this coming spring.

  1. In Dubai, the SkyRise Miami project was launched two weeks ago. It’s about investing into the development of property(ies) in the USA.  The minimum sum required is $500,000 and investors get in return the Green Card and possibly the chance to be granted the US citizenship.

The spearheading project is based in Miami and it’s a $430 million residential, hotel, entertainment and office tower with observation decks.  It is planned for 2018 and features amongst many attractive elements,  a “Flying Theater”.  The tower is aiming to be a tourist attraction for Miami and to eventually compete with global icons such as the Empire State Building and Tower Bridge.

  1. The recipient of the above ‘1.’ are UAE nationals whereas those targeted by ‘2.’ are not UAE nationals but all Indian, Pakistani and other expatriates living in the GCC.

It is hoped that the changes brought by ‘1.’ would allow for further collaboration through Expo Milan 2015 and Dubai Expo 2020 and potentially more trade between the two parties.

Would however be other countries of the GCC’s to receive the same accolade from the EU?

The promoters through this particular operation ‘2.’ are aiming to within 8 to 9 months attract some one hundred or at best two hundreds of potential investors.

Would there be other investment schemes of this sort to justify such operations?



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