Ooredoo major sponsor of the Algerian Music Awards

The winners of the second edition of the Ooredoo major sponsor of the Algerian Music Awards revealed in an outstanding ceremony

The Algerian Radio organised, for the second consecutive year, the Algerian Music Awards prize-giving ceremony, in partnership with the Algerian Television, Ooredoo and the National Board of the Copyrights of Authors (ONDA).  It was rolled out and showcased last Friday evening at the Mohamed Boudiaf Olympic Complex Marquee in Algiers.

Coinciding with the celebration of the World Day of Radio, the ceremony, broadcast live by the Algerian Television and radio Jil FM and El Bahdja channels, proposed a rich and varied programme to the general public that has obviously appreciated not only the animation performance but also warmly congratulated quite noisily the winners of this second edition of the AMA’s.

These by the way have been identified on the basis of two selection rounds, that was based this year on more than 340,000 voters.

The winners of this second edition of the Algerian Music Awards are:

  • Group of the year: Carthena
  • Clip of the year: Ahmed el Ganesh Naik El Bey
  • Revelation of the year: Garage Band
  • Album of the year: Lyem de Yasmine Amari
  • Song of the year: Rani Yasmine Amari Lik

In this grand ceremony, a tribute was made to major figures of the Algerian cultural and artistic world.  Zhira Yahi, former producer, host at Radio 3 channel and commissioner of the Film Festival of Algiers, late Othmane Bali posthumously and Djamel Allem, Master of ceremony who moved the audiences reciting one of the poems of the recently deceased writer Assia Djebbar.  The initiative went down well with the spectators who generally appreciated the artistic content as well as the presentation.

Great names of the Algerian popular music, like Sheikh Sidi Bemol and Nabil Bali, did perform on stage of the Algerian Music Awards to the delight of the public.

Through its contribution to the success of this second edition of the AMA’s, Ooredoo, the major sponsor behind the event, has confirmed its dedication as corporation resolutely committed to the cultural and artistic life of the Algerians.




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