Prequalification for long-distance rail project started

From Railway Gazette

Qatar Railways has restarted prequalification for a long-distance freight and passenger project.

19 February 2015

It has issued a request for expressions of interest from for a design and build civils contract.  An initial prequalification process had begun early 2014 but has to be repeated as the tender is now scheduled for release in the middle of this year.

The long distance freight and passenger rail network will be an integral part of the overall Gulf Cooperation Council railway network linking Qatar with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

The new prequalification process is limited to civil contractors – the systems component will be contracted as a subcontract under the civils contract.

The applicants for this new process are not to include or name the systems subcontractor as the client will produce at a later stage a list of approved subcontractors.

Phase 1 of the project consists of design and construction of an operational slab track railway using diesel rolling stock.  The passenger line will link Doha International Station to the Saudi Arabia at Abu Samra. Freight services will link Abu Samra with Doha Intermodal Freight Yard, New Doha Port Container Terminal and Mesaieed Port.


QATAR: National railway project promoter Qatar Rail launched a new prequalification process for the civil works on the first phase of the planned Long Distance Passenger & Freight Rail network on February 18.

A prequalification exercise for a combined civils and railway systems contract was launched last year, but subsequently terminated. The new process will see the civil works and railway systems contracts awarded separately.

The Phase 1 civils contract covers the design, construction, integration, testing, commissioning and defect liability for earthworks, bridges, culverts and camel crossings, 133 km of slab track (with the Doha West International option potentially adding a further 23 km), freight yards and  station architecture.

Prequalification documents are to be submitted by March 22. Qatar Rail expects to release documentation in mid-2015, with a five-month tendering period. The contact would then be awarded in mid-2016, with Phase 1 scheduled to open for commercial service at the end of 2018.

Qatar Rail is to undertake a separate procurement to appoint a railway systems supplier, which would act as a subcontractor to the civil works contractor. This subcontractor would provide ETCS Level 2 and telecoms equipment including GSM-R suitable for future operating speeds up to 270 km/h.

Further tenders would cover the procurement of rolling stock, and the appointment of an operations and maintenance contractor.

The Long Distance Passenger & Freight Rail project is one element of the Qatar Railways Development Programme, which also includes the Doha metro and various light rail schemes.

Qatar Rail has appointed DB International to support the development of the scope and requirements for the long distance network operations and maintenance contract.



Qatar Rail Long Distance Passenger & Freight Rail network
Phase Year of Completion Route-km Scope Details
1 1A 2018 71 Saudi Arabian border (Abu Samra) – Triangle junction Mixed traffic lines for 270 km/h passenger and 120 km/h freight services.
1B 62 32 km Triangle – Doha intermodal yard.30 km Doha intermodal yard – Mesaieed port and industrial area.Doha South International station. Freight
1C 23 Doha West International option: spur to Doha West International station, and construction of station including metro interchange. Non-electrified line suitable for 200 km/h passenger trains.
2 2021 160 Doha West to Bahrain. Electrified passenger line suitable for 270 km/h within Qatar and 250 km/h in Bahrain.
3 2027 80 Doubling Phase 2 Doha West – Bahrain Links to Al Khor and Ras Laffan. Electrified line suitable for 250 km/h passenger and 120 km/h freight trains.
4 2030 4 Al Khor Freight link.Doubling and electrification of Phase 1 to Saudi Arabian border.Doubling of the remainder of the line to Bahrain. Mixed traffic lines for 270 km/h passenger and 120 km/h freight.
To be confirmed 128 Doha – Dukhan Mixed traffic line



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