Mott MacDonald in Iraq’s Oil & Gas

Mott MacDonald has joined up with Khudairi Group to target oil and gas projects in Iraq.

The Construction Index published on 27 February 2015 this article on Mott McDonald offering their services of engineering consultancy in Iraq. Mott MacDonald in Iraq’s Oil & Gas have also reached for the assistance of a local consultancy services provider such as the Khodairi’s.   The move is intended to combine Mott’s engineering and procurement technical support services with the procurement, inspection, expediting and construction management services offered by the Khudairi Group.

Al Khudairi is according to their website a “Merging top quality international standards of performance and execution with three hundred years of history as one of Iraq’s most prominent commercial families, the Khudairi Group (KG) is a leading provider of solutions to the oil and gas, and construction industries in Iraq.”

Khudairi Group employs over 250 full-time employees, operating across three primary business units: engineering, procurement and construction (EPC); oilfield supply and services and heavy machinery.

Mott MacDonald was heavily involved in rebuilding Iraq’s infrastructure and delivered 1,000 projects in six years. This included restoration of essential services such as water and power supplies. In the oil and gas sector Mott MacDonald was owners’ engineer for the conversion of Arbeel Power Plant from simple to combined cycle. The consultancy also supported increased production from the Rumaillah oilfield.

Rumaili project
Rumaili project

Albert Allan, managing director of Mott MacDonald’s oil and gas business, said: “I am delighted we are working in partnership with Khudairi Group. The initiative combines the strengths of both companies to offer our clients wide-ranging EPC services in this fast growing market.”

“We are excited about a partnership that will combine Mott MacDonald’s international engineering standards with Khudairi Group’s local capabilities and experience on-the-ground in Iraq,” says Mohammed Khudairi, executive vice president of Khudairi Group. “Together, we will be able to capture more opportunities and support our current relationships with the Iraqi ministries and international oil companies, as Iraq continues to rehabilitate its infrastructure and focus on new projects.”

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Article updated on 5 June 2016.


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