France and Algeria agree to cooperate on Transport projects

The Minister of Transport informed that 4 partnership agreements are to be signed in May 2015.  France and Algeria agree to cooperate on Transport projects

“Currently managed by a public company ‘ETUSA’, the cable cars of Algiers will soon be managed by a Franco-Algerian joint company,” the Minister announced.

One of these agreements provides for the establishment of a Franco-Algerian joint-venture to be responsible for all operation, management and maintenance of the cableways throughout the country.  Another project will be the realization of three main bus stations in each of Algiers, Oran and Setif as a partnership between the National Road Transport Company and a French company whose name has not been revealed.

Amar Ghoul, the Transport Minister revealed last Monday in Algiers that partnership agreements between Algeria and France on several transport related projects development in Algeria are being studied.

Mr. Ghoul said after his meeting with the special representative of the French Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean-Louis Bianco that this meeting comes in anticipation of other multi-sectorial meetings between the Algerian and French parties that planned for next May.

He also noted that in this regard, four “important” agreements in the field of road and rail transport are expected to be reviewed and signed in these meetings.

The first agreement provides for the establishment of a Franco-Algerian Joint-Venture company that will be responsible for the country’s cableways, currently held and operated by local urban transport companies.

It will be from the new company that at present is carrying out the undertaking and running of the Algiers underground Metro and all Algiers urban and suburban transportation systems management together with its French counterpart that will take care of the realization of the cableways through the setting up of a special production and maintenance unit for these cars.

This partnership will allow, according to Mr. Ghoul, to identify the specific problems related to the running and management of the cableways.  It will not only allow improve their services in the existing networks but also invest further as this mode of transport is in great demand in several of the country’s governorates.

The second agreement provides for the expansion of the activities of the assembly and maintenance plant of the tramway wagons in Annaba – resulting from a partnership between the Algiers Metro, the National Railway and Equipment Company (Ferovial) and the French company Alstom – in the manufacture of electric trains.

The factory will allow as a first step to meet national needs before turning to export, said the Minister.

The third agreement provides for the realization of three main bus stations in each Algiers, Oran, Setif in partnership between the road transport company and a French company whose name has not been revealed.

Concerning the training and exchange of experience, an agreement will be signed for the training of nationals in skills capable to lead major projects.

The meeting of the Minister with the French representative allowed the two parties to also discuss some of the concerns of French companies in Algeria.

Mr Bianco has expressed the willingness of France to establish long term partnerships with Algeria through “structural” projects that meet the needs of Algeria thus allowing investment in the African market.

This meeting is also part of meetings of the Franco-Algerian economic joint commission (Comefa) as well as the high level Franco-Algerian Governmental commission meetings, held in Oran and Paris last December.

It is to be noted that at the second session of the high-level joint Governmental commission which was held in Paris, nine cooperation agreements in various fields including agriculture, energy, transportation, scientific research and defence, have been signed.



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