The United States want to help Algeria

ALGIERS – Monday, 2 March 2015

According to a US official, the United-States want to help Algeria diversify its economy.

Published by Algerian Press Service (APS)  ( )

The Deputy Secretary of State for economic and business affairs, Charles Rivkin, confirmed on Monday the availability of the United States to accompany Algeria in its efforts to diversify its economy.

“I am here (in Algeria) to try to find ways to progress economic matters between our two countries. But we will also try to help the Algerian Government to diversify its economy,” said Mr. Rivkin in interview with the APS, on the sidelines of a meeting of between Algerian and American businesspeople.

Mr. Rivkin, leading with the Assistant to the U.S. Secretary of State for Affairs of the Middle East, Mrs. Anne Patterson, a delegation of thirty American business executives, expressed the wish to see the algerian-american economic relations develop through the implementation of new partnerships in as various sectors as possible.

“There are many sectors of the Algerian economy which are of interest to the American companies, including infrastructure, agriculture, telecommunications, energy and transport”, he said.

He also noted the unprecedented level of Algerian imports from the United States of 2014 established at $2.6 billion, representing an increase of 45%.

For the senior official of the U.S. Department of State, American pharmaceutical industry companies also displayed a great interest in the opportunities offered by the Algerian market in this sector, citing the project of the under construction Centre of Biotechnology in the new town of Sidi Abdallah near Algiers.

“American operators of the pharmaceutical industry are very keen on the Algerian market and could well work here in Algeria”, he added indicating the importance attached by US investors in the protection of all industrial property and copy-rights.

“Nevertheless, this sector (pharmaceutical) is conducive for investment and we are working with the Algerian Government and U.S. companies” to realize business opportunities in this area, he continued.

As a reminder, Algeria and the United States are already bound by two partnership agreements in the field of the pharmaceutical industry.

The first relates to the creation of the biotechnology centre of Sidi Abdallah for which an agreement was signed in June last year  in San Diego, California, by the Algerian pharmaceutical laboratory and the American Foundation of industrial and pharmaceutical research (Washington, DC based PhRMA), crowning a process initiated in 2011.

The second agreement concerns a joint-venture partnership started last October in Chicago between the special Pharma subsidiary of the private group ETRHB and the American firm of radiotherapy Varian systems.

When asked about the project for the creation of directly linking Algeria in the United States by air, Mr. Rivkin remarked that the American part wished an ‘Open Sky’ agreement with Algeria.

“There are already 110 ‘Open Skies’ agreements between the United States and several countries from different continents.  And it would be great if we could reach such an agreement with Algeria.  And we will try to reach such an agreement,” he said, adding that this issue is planned during his meeting with the Minister of Transport.

“I really think that a direct line will allow us to increase the volume of trade” between the United States and Algeria, remarked Mr. Rivkin.


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