Qatar the healthiest country and Sudan the least

The most and the least Healthy Countries in the World

To determine the most and the least healthy countries, 24/7 Wall Street collected data on 21 measures on more than 170 countries.  These were grouped into 3 categories: health, access and economy.

The challenge of data availability for all countries was addressed in 2 ways.  The most recent year available, no later than 2010 and related to more than 75% of countries of more than 150,000 inhabitants.

The health category captured both outcomes and residents’ behaviour in each country.  The orld Bank provided much information in this regards such as life expectancy.

The access category was designed to measure the availability of specific resources that are critical to the health of a nation’s people.  The share of a country’s population with access to clean water, clean air and electricity, all World Bank supplied details were all looked at.  Distribution of GP Doctors in each country was taken as a parameter of the relative ease of access to healthcare.

World Bank provided economic data included per capita health expenditure by public and private sources together with unemployment rates.

This article will look only at those countries within the MENA region such as Qatar as the top country and Sudan as the worst in healthcare coverage in the world.  Yemen and Mauritania are also reviewed

  1. Qatar has contrary to our opinion and according to 24/7 Wall Street no national healthcare and the emirate seen as currently transitioning to a universal system. It was found that with 7.7 Doctors per 1,000 people, the country’s health is already very good and fared very well in health, access and all other economic measures but it has the second highest obesity rate in the world.
  • Life expectancy in Qatar is 77.6 and it is the 28th
  • Infant mortality rate is 7 per 1,000 births that is 44th lowest
  • Health expenditure per capita being at $2,029, the country stands at the 25th highest
  • Unemployment rate is at 0.5%; the 2nd lowest in the world.


  1. Sudan ranked at the worst health covered country in the world for many reasons, notably decades of uninterrupted turmoil and violence. This resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths that with a continuous inflow of refugees from all neighbouring countries are taxing the country’s resources and infrastructure.  Sudan’s situation was aggravated by the country’s parting from its rich in resources south.  Also resulting from all of the above is the f
  • Life expectancy in Sudan is of 60.1, 39th lowest
  • Infant mortality rate per 1,000 births is 51.2, the 33th highest
  • Health expenditure per capita is $115, the 53rd lowest
  • Unemployment rate is 15.2% ; 22nd


  1. Mauritania’s unemployment rate in 2013 was 31%. It is the highest in the world and if coupled with the country’s prevailing socio-political systems, it is in no way going to ease the fact that Mauritania has the highest incidence of human trafficking.
  • Life expectancy is of 59.9 ; 36th lowest
  • Infant mortality rate is 67.1 ; 15th highest
  • Health expenditure per capita $52 ; 31st lowest
  • Unemployment rate is 31% ; the highest.


  1. Yemen in an semi internal conflict figures below are self-explanatory.
  • Life expectancy is 61.6 ; 45th lowest
  • Infant mortality rate is 40.4 ; 45th highest
  • Health expenditure per capita is $71 ; 38th lowest
  • Unemployment rate is 17.4% ; 15th

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