GCC women’s wealth

Gulf women command fortunes estimated to £70.15 billion compared to £91.10 billion for the whole Middle East women.  GCC women’s wealth could therefore be seen as challenging.

This figure of the GCC women’s wealth is an indication amongst many things of women’s investments and participation growth in all GCC trade and industry sectors.

A recent study revealed that women’s labour force in the Gulf increased by 83 percent in the last 10 years.  This could be considered as a relatively high rate globally and regionally.

The study was conducted by Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Fund for Women Development with the participation of international experts in economic affairs.

Afnan Al-Babtain, CEO of Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Fund for Women Development, said: “The most apparent obstacles faced by small and medium enterprises are the reluctance of some commercial banks to grant them medium or long term credit loans.”

She indicated that Qatari woman ranked first in terms of participation in all business sectors, with 93 percent, followed by 92 percent in Kuwait, then 91 percent in the UAE, and finally Bahrain and Saudi Arabia by 81 percent.

GCC women are not only entering the job market in a big way and seizing positions of leaderships but are also challenging men in the more conventional trade and industry sectors.

Source : Arab News — published on Friday 10 April 2015


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