World Economic Forum 2015 at the Dead Sea, Jordan

More than 50 countries delegates made of 1000+ government, business, civil society leaders and international organisations, youth and the media were invited to World Economic Forum 2015 at the Dead Sea, Jordan meeting.

The meeting was announced back in January as : “Shaping a New Strategic Context” came supposedly at a “pivotal time” according to the WEF itself and convened last week 21 through 23 May under the “Creating a Regional Framework for Prosperity and Peace through Public-Private Cooperation” theme.  This is at a time where the geopolitical upheaval across the MENA region is no more that the result, according to most, of the “collapse of old systems that were not able to deliver”.

The chaos and confrontation in the MENA did not happen by chance, as per Amre Moussa, former Secretary General of the Arab League between 2001 through 2011.  He said :

“I believe that bad governance led in part to what we see today in the region, Daesh is the result of wrong policies by the previous government in Iraq.”

In the meantime, the US and an international coalition mainly from Arab countries are fighting Daesh in Iraq and Syria, but from the air only.

Sami Judeh, Jordan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs said “This is an issue that relates not just to regional security, or to anyone country but to global security, and that for the first time, the region is taking things into its own hands.”

Espen Barth Eide, WEF MD said : ”the solution has to be found in Arab societies really dealing with change and accepting that change must come.  The crisis won’t be solved in a single country or at the global level.  .  It really needsa regional understanding.”

It is worth noting that apart of all of the above, the Israeli and Palestinian presidents saluted each other and exchanged few polite mundanities but never got to even think of beginning working out their ever deepening conflict over the same land.

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Abbas - Peres




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