Greening of the GCC; a dream or reality ?

GCC’s Green parks reality or dreams ?


The GCC is set to witness a boom in tourism as new projects and developments are being planned and in the execution phase.  The theme park industry on the other hand in the “GCC is growing by leaps and bounds as more developments are taking place with a dedicated leisure and entertainment offering,” said Mohammad Attia, GM for GCC Al-Othaim Leisure. Is Greening of the GCC; a dream or reality ?

The Qatar Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning’s Public Parks Department is planning 55 new parks in Qatar, said Mohammed Ali Al Khouri, director of Public Parks.  He added that the parks will be designed to international specifications for all services and facilities, setting new standards.  It is also working on development and rehabilitation of existing parks thus ensuring quality of space and greenery.  Flowers and seeding selling services and regular school visits to teach the importance of agriculture and the need to maintain plants are planned so as to help concretise the dream of a Green Qatar.

In the meantime, theme parks in Dubai are set to generate close to $5 billion as the country plans to welcome close to 25 million tourists up to the 2020 Expo and that its related industry is according to Dubai Entertainment, Amusement and Leisure Show (DEAL Show) literally scaling the growth trajectory in the UAE.

“Entertainment and leisure projects within the UAE and across GCC have boosted the confidence of the amusement and leisure industry manifold,” said Abdul Rahman Falaknaz, chairman of IEC, International Expo Consults LLC, a trade show management company.  “UAE is experiencing this exponential growth because of its quality infrastructure and growing tourism and retail industry sectors,” he added.

News agency WAM informed that millions of tourists are set to flock to theme parks in Dubai that are scheduled for opening by 2016 end.  Work on Dubai’s enormous $2.7bn Parks and Resorts project is progressing well, with infrastructure work on the three main theme parks gathering steam.

Oman also has plans and its biggest indoor theme park, Majarat Oman, which will be able to accommodate 2,500 to 3,000 visitors / day is currently being developed which according to Mohammad Attia : “Customers do visit the indoor theme parks more frequently as compared to the outdoor parks.  The industry in GCC emphasizes more on the rides and attractions mix as compared to the redemption and novelty games and merchandise offered by the operators across the world.”


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