A blog of Sartaj Anand, Global Citizen and Futurist dated September 17th, 2016 discusses the future 100 years and what it entails to live by then as per today’s norms and standards.  The author proposes 10 Trends for Life in the Future that will presumably define the way we shall go through when simply put living our respective life’s.  We republish only the first 3 but we would advise the reading of the rest on the original document.  In the meantime, whilst one would perhaps deduce some sort of oriental touch to the philosophical approach of this dissertation, we believe that it could only be beneficial for each and every one. 

Super Human Trends 

10 trends that will define our way of living for the next 100 years

In the coming century we will accomplish more together as a people than the preceding million years put together, and chart out a new course for the human race.

This future that we are imagining for ourselves in the next 100 or 200 years is so different that it’s completely disconnected from our current way of life. Each of the Four Industrial Revolutions has only accelerated change and at this pace we might finally be able to evolve into a Type 1 Civilization during this period. However, until then these are the ten mega trends that will be shaping our world, and defining the new social normal.

When You Change the World and No One Notices

Do you know what’s happening in this picture? Literally one of the most important events in human history. But here’s…

  1. Automation of Skilled Jobs


In case you missed it… The chatbots are here! 

And they’re already starting to perform several of the repetitive and menial tasks that drain our productivity. As with most digital technologies, chatbot dexterity and usage will follow an exponential rise and over time the last stronghold of everyday human mediocrity — skilled jobs — will fall.

When machines learn to do our work what will we do next?

The vast majority of humanity will have to grapple with this and a whole host of other existential questions, and hopefully we will soon learn to separate our purpose and sense of self-esteem from our occupation.

  1. Emergence of a Global Creative Economy

A major consequence of the autmation trend will be the rise of the global creative economy. This will primarily be driven out of necessity since there will be immediate job losses coupled with stagnant job growth in the short term as organizations recalibrate themselves. However, individuals will also be able to double down on productivity, develop super specialities or pursue their passions altogether. This phenomenon will usher in the age of mastery where performance standards peak and full-time jobs remain sparse.

In addition to this, the age of mastery will emphasize the intrinsic value of humarithms versus algorithms in a period when our reliance on machines would be unparalleled. Machines have always been better than humans at several functions and as their capabilities have grown so has this set. This trend has allowed humans thus far to focus on non-mechanical functions and this will only accelerate in the future.

  1. Migration from Fossil Fuels to Clean Energy

Swenson, R. The Solarevolution: Much More with Way Less, Right Now — The Disruptive Shift to Renewables. Energies 2016, 9, 676.

Fire made us human, fossil fuels made us modern, but now we need a new fire that makes us safe, secure, healthy and durable. — Amory Lovins

Our dependence on fossil fuels has always been an economic decision and with the crash in solar panel prices and those of other clean technologies, their adoption has been brought forward by several decades. This modern energy ecosystem will allow for instantaneous storage and transfer globally and have massive consequences for climate change, pollution and health. It will also provide an opportunity for a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem to support development of the network and serve as many people as possible.

Read more of Sartaj Anand, who apart from being Global Citizen. Futurist, is also Founder of @egomonk, TEDster, Advisor to @plus_socialgood, @edgartells, @Campus_Diaries and also of @ThousandNetwork Ambassador.