Mobile World Live  has undertaken in partnership with Mahindra ComViva an interesting report titled the Business of tomorrows.  It deals with all future developments in the ICT world.  Some excerpts of  the report are reproduced here.



The Business of Tomorrows report gives us an insight into how operators around the globe see the future of their companies, and what impact current and emerging technologies will have on the wider telecoms ecosystem.

This in-depth report quizzed large operators across the world on some of the biggest issues facing their businesses today. The idea was to garner a perspective on what ails today’s operators and what measures they are likely to take to resolve those issues.

The report is split into six of the market’s most important segments; Overall Industry Landscape, Mobile Payments, 5G networks, Content, Customer Analytics and Mobile Broadband.

We found that the results highlighted a wide range of opinions from operators on the impact and development these technologies and services will have on both the enterprise side, as well as the end consumer.

. . . . Biggest priorities

Customer experience management (CEM) ranked as the highest priority for operators going forward, with 27 per cent of respondents putting this ahead of other key metrics like big data, cloud computing, network function virtualisation and BSS/OSS transformation.

From Comviva’s experience, it is clear that as mobile operators improve their systems to understand the pattern of customers, usage, network quality, and how their businesses are performing against competitors, it becomes ever more essential to match real time data collection with customer experience.

Big data followed in close second as a top priority. Indeed, we have found, that, as technology evolves and new sources of data are uncovered, service providers are seeing an unprecedented rise in volume, variety and velocity of information due to the rollout of next generation mobile networks, increased use of smartphones and the rise of social media.

With a quarter (25 per cent) of survey respondents placing big data as a top priority, it suggests operators are keen to step up their efforts and investment in this area, with strategies now imperative for all to increase market share, as well as drive external revenue streams.

. . . While 5G standards are yet to be defined, there is a growing consensus around what the next generation of mobile networks will bring to the industry.

Delivering faster mobile broadband speeds from today’s 4G LTE technology will only be one element to 5G, with the network also expected to act as a catalyst for a wide range of services, both on the enterprise and consumer side.

In addition to improved spectral efficiency, lower energy consumption, better battery life and security, 5G is also expected to fuel the Internet of Things (IoT), drive possibilities in advanced virtual reality and connected cars, as well as better enable data intensive applications.

. . . 75% of respondents believe IoT will drive growth in the internet sector.

IoT is no doubt considered a huge opportunity, with respondents hailing it as the prevailing digital service to generate incremental revenue rises, and the reason why 5G will be a game changer for future business opportunities.

A Youtube rendering of the report is embedded below.