In solidarity with Doha News, we reproduce this article of that is clearly about an act of blocking the free exercise of the profession and mission of journalism in its latest form of expression, i.e. E-Journalism.  We also “believe in the importance of a free press, and are saddened by this fact that Qatar, home of the Doha Centre for Media Freedom and Al Jazeera, has decided to take this step.”  

Doha News is scaling back — for now

It’s been five days since authorities in Qatar blocked access to inside the country.

We’ve since come to understand that this was an intentional act, in part due to issues with our licensing.

We’re continuing to speak to officials this week to see how we can resolve the problem.

At the same time, we reject the idea that our news website should be blocked over licensing concerns — this is a clear act of censorship, and a fairly unprecedented one in Qatar.

In the interest of protecting our team, we will be reducing the number of articles we publish until we can resolve the problem and get unblocked.

Many of you have expressed solidarity with us — a gesture we greatly appreciate. Others have asked how they can continue to read Doha News.

Here are some suggestions:

Our Daily Newsletter

The easiest way to get our news is to sign up for DN’s Daily Newsletter. They now contain all our articles in full and go out each day at 5pm Doha time.

If you’re not able to access the signup page, drop us a line on and we’ll add you to the list.

We’ll be posting select articles (here) on

iOS: Apple News

For Apple iOS device users, Apple News is a free app that comes bundled on the latest and updated devices.

If you can’t find it on your phone, you may have to set your location to the United States. Search for “Doha News” or “Qatar” and you’ll be able to subscribe to our updates.

Android: Google Play Newsstand

For Android device users, you’ll be able to read Doha News articles through the Google Play Newsstand App.

Click this link on your mobile device to subscribe , or search for Doha News in the app.

Mobile browser: Google AMP

Our articles are also available via Google’s new Accelerated Mobile Pages project.

Just search for “Doha News” in Google on a mobile device, and you should be able to read versions of our articles right in the search engine.

Tor (Browser) or VPN

Finally, The Tor project is free software that anonymizes internet use.

Similarly, Tor Browser is a web browser that uses the anonymous Tor network to allow people to access websites that may otherwise be blocked in their countries.

Alternatively, if you have access to a Virtual Private Network that resides outside Qatar, you should be able to access when logged in.





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