Equinix Inc., a global interconnection and data centre company, has unveiled its 2017 predictive insights on its industry.  It is part of its 7 Bold Predictions for the Connected Enterprise and must be noted that the IT industry has already impacted our daily life and further development are seen to bring in more transformation that will trigger significant changes for several industries in this new year.

Equinox one company amongst those in the ICT industry has a spread across 40 global markets, and has key data-driven insights into the key drivers  that are pushing enterprises to succeed in the digital economy.

We reproduce the first 3 Equinix’s 2017 predictions that are part of :

Equinix’s 7 Bold Predictions for the Connected Enterprise in 2017

As things change quickly, we’re taking advantage of our special perspective at the center of it all to predict what you can expect in 7 Bold Predictions for the Connected Enterprise. We’ll be exploring these predictions in more detail in the coming days, but these previews will get us started … 

2017 Prediction #1: The Multi-Cloud Convergence Hits a Tipping Point

Enterprises are increasingly relying on cloud infrastructures, and a convergence of multi-cloud deployments is emerging as the way forward. The appeal of multi-cloud deployments is that they combine best-of-breed solutions and services from different cloud providers, while at the same time solving old, entrenched pain points like vendor lock-in, lack of flexibility and prohibitive costs (just to name a few). We predict that 2017 will be a tipping point for multi-cloud convergence, where multiple clouds across the enterprise – data, applications, infrastructure and personal clouds – will fundamentally change the way people and businesses operate.

 2017 Prediction #2: The Rise of the Digital Edge

The convergence of multiple clouds demands a natural extension of corporate boundaries for today’s digital business to where users and data reside. Those boundaries, where the physical and virtual worlds meet, is “the digital edge,” and in 2017, it will become a critically important place for the enterprise to grow and expand its market presence. It’s where companies manage real-time engagement with customers. It’s where SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) technologies engage together. And it’s where the on-demand insights enabled by the big data explosion will need to be enabled and managed. We also believe the geographically distributed expansion of data centers along the digital edge will be essential to handling it all.

2017 Prediction #3: The Interconnected Fabric Emerges

As more companies turn to multi-cloud deployments to support their business around the globe, they’ll face challenges managing solutions across different cloud environments from different vendors. A management structure will need to be in place early to avoid a situation where smaller operational issues quickly accumulate and cause bigger problems. In 2017, companies will do that by using carrier-neutral colocation facilities to deploy a system of interconnection nodes, an “interconnected fabric,” to create a sort of central nervous system that links and synchronizes their cloud environment. This will mark a shift to a more responsive, user-centric approach.

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