The Algerian Industry Scientific Council is born and is composed of national experts and reputed economists. A Forum was arranged on March 28th, 2017 at the Club des Pins Sheraton, Algiers.

Here is below its Final Resolution.

1 –        This Forum was host to participants from Foreign Embassies and Chambers of Commerce and representatives of the United States, Austria, Germany, Russia, France, Mexico, Viet Nam, Spain, Tunisia, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland and Japan; countries of which experts developed and were responsible for models of development for the Government for 2017, 2020, 2020 and 2030.

2 –        The Forum of the Algerian Industry will take into account, to avoid repeats, these economic models as per the experts and the resolutions of the Tripartite held in Annaba on March 6th, 2017, where public, private operators and the trade unions exposed the constraints of the development of a wealth creation enterprise, particularly in the industrial field be it public or private without distinction, in accordance to the terms of the new Constitution.

3 –        This Council of the Algerian economic experts’ mission is to analyse and make concrete proposals to the public and private actors as well as to State institutions. As an independent body, this Council shall focus on the best interests of the country whilst coming up with concrete proposals for the Government with a view to boost the productive and inclusive industrial fabric, taking into account of the fourth global economic revolution.

4 –        It will focus mainly on the prospects for stimulating all segments of Algerian Industry with all its interfaces that require an inter-ministerial vision taking into account the new technological changes and managerial demands of 2017 / 2030.

5 –        The Council is responsible for preparing the holding of the 2nd Forum scheduled for the last quarter of 2017, hoping for the presence of members of the Government, public institutions, public and private operators to work all, and above all, for the national development.

6 –        It was decided that in a first phase, experts in networks, would concretely define within two months maximum, the short, medium and long-term objectives to be assigned in a pragmatic way to this Council.

7 –        Members unanimously decided to entrust the Presidency of this Council to Professor Dr. Abderrahmane Mebtoul, International Expert and former Director of Studies at the Department of Industry / Energy circa 1974-2008.

Composition of the Council

List of the Council Members present and in agreement with the resolution.

University Professor international expert, Dr Abderrahmane MEBTOUL, President,

  1. Professor Chems Eddine Chitour, Director of Research,
  2. Doctor Alexandre Kateb, International Expert,
  3. Professor Rafik Bouklia Hassan,
  4. Professor Bensebaa Farid, Canada,
  5. Ait Ali Ferhat, Financial Expert,
  6. Abdenour Attai, Expert,
  7. Dr. Lies Goumiri, SOFIN former CEO, International Expert,
  8. Professor Senouci Benabbou, Director of Industrial Economics School of Oran,
  9. Professor Bouchama Chaouma, former General Secretary of Ministry and Director of Laboratory ,
  10. Tewfik Hasni, Engineer and former Director of Renewable Energy,
  11. Nazim Zouioueche, Engineer and former Director SONATRACH,
  12. Professor Abderezak Benhabib, Director of Research,
  13. Professor Farid Yaici former Dean of Bejaia U and Director of Research,
  14. Dr Mourad Preure, former consultant, Director of SONATRACH,
  15. Dr Mustapha Bensahli, International Expert, Tax Consultant, former IMF Executive,
  16. Professeur Sid Ali Boukrami, former Minister delegate,


NB – it was agreed during the debate, to add lawyers, sociologists and anthropologists so as to take into account all the morphological aspects and legal framework of society.


Per the Minutes of the Forum as signed by Dr Abderrahmane Mebtoul.