The World Economic Forum will be meeting in the MENA region this coming May. for as much as it can be mustered in a three day gathering hosted by Jordan at a Dead Sea resort location.
It will definitely be quite a change from the high climes of Davos as the different participants will be debating of the present conjecture from a lower than sea level altitude.
The debates on the MENA’s multi-faceted diversity of languages, ethnics and of course economies types will certainly be spanning from the lower oil & gas prices impacted earnings of the GCC countries to the so-called globalisation induced feelings of instability in the various hot spots of the Maghreb and/or Mashreq and all their ensuing traumatising effects on the rest of the region’s as well as the world.
For starters, would Iran and Turkey also be on the agenda, since these 2 countries do participate in the MENA countries life?
Meanwhile, the WEF’s website produced this article that is republished here with our thanks to the author Jenny Soffel, Website Editor and its publisher; our aim is none more than to help in this campaign of gathering as many people of good repute and knowledge as possible for the summit.

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The World Economic Forum is holding a summit on the Middle East and North Africa 2017 at the Dead Sea, Jordan, on 19-21 May. The meeting will take place in the context of growing economic reform efforts that are being made in many countries of the region, as well as shifting investment and trade priorities. It will also aim to address continued geopolitical shifts and humanitarian challenges by supporting multi-stakeholder dialogue on the situation in Syria, Iraq and Libya, as well as the ongoing refugee crisis.

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