Some countries are far more unequal than others

Three reasons some countries are far more unequal than others Hyejin Kang / Shutterstock Sandy Brian Hager, City, University of London Why do the richest 1% of Americans take 20% of national income, but the richest 1% of Danes only 6%? Why have affluent British people seen their share of national income double since 1980, […]

State of Happiness in the world of 2018

The World Happiness Report 2018 is the annual report published by the U.N. Sustainable Development Solutions Network and as a relatively new survey of the state of happiness in the world of 2018, gives an idea of the state of the world’s countries per the resulting ranking of 156 countries by their happiness levels, and […]

Global Inequality is on the Rise at different Countries Rates

It is manifestly obvious that Global Inequality is on the Rise at different Countries Rates, but how different is today’s situation to that of any time in the past. Is it due to the quasi omnipresence of all the internet networks that allow information to be gathered at a lightning speed as well as at […]

State Pension Review at all levels in Algeria

Bill on retirement: urgency to reform pension plans . . .
It is that time again of the State Pension Review at all levels in Algeria. A Bill on Retirement schemes is currently under discussion; it is about the review and reform of the State Pension national plan prior to be voted in and applied as of January 1st, 2017.
Because of the demographic structure, and the prevailing rentier type of economy of the country, the pension funds are entirely dependent on this legislation. It is a very sensitive issue whereby the importance of transparency in the decision process and especially of a supporting social dialogue that should be maintained at all times.
The value of the currency, the Dinar and the employment rate that are for more than 70% dependent on public expenditure mainly supported by hydrocarbons and their derivatives exports revenues, are making it for the State Pension Funds somewhat difficult to meet the demand . . . .

Debts, Savings and the Global Economy

According to the European head of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, the world is getting greyer whilst sinking more and more into debts; situation that is becoming today the biggest risk to the global economy. With life expectancy increasing, it is thought it will be difficult for the future youth ‘minority’ to sustain the debt-driven economies […]

MENA’s ageing population

MENA’s ageing population could lead to difficult times in the near future Increasing life expectancy is one of the major indicators of growth and development. In the Arab word, an increase of 16 years since the mid-1970s was observed.  Traditional family networks are more and more replaced by western style nuclear families that as a […]