Thorough Reviews of proposed Capital Projects

Governments in developing economies often lack the capacity to conduct thorough reviews of proposed capital projects. A streamlined approach can identify those ready for funding.  By Rima Assi, Nicklas Garemo, and Arno Heinrich studying an issue of vital importance for all developing countries, came up with the following essay. They addressed the most likely to […]

Trending ambitious projects in the Gulf countries

Trending ambitious projects in the Gulf countries Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE, Doha in Lusail, Qatar, Manama in Bahrain have always been competing one another for commercial limelight. These days despite all oil related exports revenues these have not been witnessed to slumber somehow so they seem to be projected out by the local media. The first thing that one would notice is not only the size of investments but the unconventional nature of the extraordinary schemes that are shaping up certain areas of each of the above. Doha, for instance launched its $ billion Lusail urban development in early 2000 as a government inspired private public partnership operation that is eventually to foreign and non-resident ownership. The construction industry in the Gulf countries has always been served and serving the national private citizen and organisations alike. Dubai being the precursor in starting to allow some freehold to go to foreign and resident investors stayed at the forefront until joined by almost all of the others member countries of the GCC.

3D printing technology by 2030

3D printing has been pioneered in the GCC region for some time now especially in the building industry generally but more specifically in a skyscraper as recently reported in Dubai. The local media reported that a ‘quarter of buildings in Dubai will be based on 3D printing technology by 2030 under a new strategy launched by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’. Indeed, 3D printing of building combines mobile robots with existing construction methods to make the construction processes faster, cost-effective and possibly sustainable. The GCC media elaborated at length on how 3D printing could decrease construction costs and shorten delivery [ . . . ]

Saudi Construction & More … Boom

According to local media, the Saudi Construction & More Boom not only remain unabated , 2 years on from the oil price drop but is to the contrary getting to know some kind of spurt growth. So much so that the Saudi consultative (Shoura) council in a bid to rid the country of certain crimes, all presumably related to, has targeted non-Saudis who do not own Saudi and / or non-Saudi companies so as not allow them buying property in Makkah, Madinah or Riyadh.

The ban is also aimed at protecting as they put it, the two holy cities from corruption and severe punishments will be handed to violators, the council added.

All at the same time, the Saudi authorities are reportedly considering plans to introduce a new mechanism that will compare all the countries 10.4 million number expats’ remittances

Middle East CEO’s change highest ever

Middle East top firms’ CEOs change, highest in the world. The local media reported early this week that the Middle East CEO’s change highest ever rates in the world were in 2016, a report of Strategy&, PwC’s strategy consulting business  said.  21% of the 62 largest corporations in the region saw a new CEO.  that […]

The UK construction industry’s lack of BIM skills

In a Survey that revealed concern about the UK construction industry’s lack of BIM skills (building information modelling), it has emerged that it is not only a key concern for industry professionals but it is an issue far bigger than them. THE CONSTRUCTION INDEX Published on 13 March 2016 the following survey report that was osted […]

Qatar phasing its WPS e-Salary implementation

Qatar’s troubles implementing its scheduled WPS. Qatar’s businesses especially its construction and contracting companies segment were told that the WPS (Wage Protection System) launch due in on 18 August 2015 was to be postponed to 2nd November. The WPS is a mandatory online workers’ wage payment system being launched by the government for the country’s […]