Britain’s electricity away from fossil fuels

Britain has shifted 30% of its electricity away from fossil fuels in just nine years By Joe Dunckley / shutterstock Grant Wilson, University of Birmingham and Iain Staffell, Imperial College London Nine years ago, Britain generated nearly 75% of its electricity using natural gas and coal. In 2018, this dropped to under 45% – a […]

Morocco is advancing towards Energy Independence

Forbes Middle East Energy‘s Farah Al-Toukhi‘s article is about how Morocco is advancing towards Energy Independence. It had unlike all those countries of the MENA that for decades have become synonymous with oil and gas production and trade, to move into the renewables and is rapidly growing into those inexpensive and clean energy developments.   […]

Egypt’s concern for its Nile River downstream portion

In a previous article titled French on Grand Renaissance Dam EIA, we discussed Egypt’s concern for its Nile River downstream portion being investigated by French environmentalist firms. Here is a continuation of the story but as reported by Asharq Al Awsat. The picture above is of Men fish from boats during low tide on the river […]

GCC opening up to major solar energy projects

Per S&P, Global Ratings, a leader in financial research and analysis, the GCC opening up to major solar energy projects, is taking advantage of its sunny climate and large tracts of available land.  Most of the GCC countries–Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates–are well placed to benefit from solar power, given […]

MENA Nuclear aspiring countries extends to

Nuclear power is planned in over 20 countries which do not currently have it, and under some level of consideration in over 20 more (in a few, consideration is not necessarily at government level). It adds that the MENA Nuclear aspiring countries extends to the Gulf states including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait whereas Yemen, […]

Solar Outlook in the 2018 MENA region

A report on the Solar Outlook in the 2018 MENA region prepared by the Middle East Solar Industry Association (MESIA) through its prominent member companies has just been published.  Its conclusion is excerpted for good measure here below in its entirety. After all prevailing solar trends in 2018 introduced, a review of the main solar […]