Egypt is building a new capital city from scratch

Egypt is building a new capital city from scratch – here’s how to avoid inequality and segregation Nuno Pinto, University of Manchester and Aya Badawy, University of Manchester Egypt is the latest country to build a new capital city from scratch, with ambitions to move parliament away from Cairo as early as summer 2019. With […]

Insights into MSW-to-Energy

For towns and villages, the world over, municipal solid waste (MSW), often called garbage, is commonly used to produce energy at waste-to-energy plants and at landfills, but only in a few countries.  Emily Folk elaborated this article dated September 15, 2018 to give us some Insights into MSW-to-Energy  and how it all works.  So, after […]

Urbanisation Trends and the ensuing Acceleration of . . .

There is no doubt that urbanisation trends and the ensuing acceleration of . . . lifestyle of many had a definite bearing on life on earth generally. The causes could perhaps be attributed to the recent additional availability of high earnings in the developing world’s peoples, and this had a direct impact if only by […]

Leading Public Organizations in the MENA

What is most challenging about leading public organizations in the MENA countries today? And do the challenges differ from those of around the world? Sameh Wahba in this blog for the World Bank seems to be amazed by that is done, especially by how it is done in Japan.  Of course, this is quite understandable on […]

Citizen engagement vital for Smart City success: Gartner

Citizen engagement vital for Smart City success: Gartner, which according to this firm, is becoming one of the most critical drivers to the success of Smart City initiatives. The picture above is of INC. Arabia’s article published on May 24th, 2016 and titled Why Morocco Might Just Become The “Smartest” Arab Nation. “The way forward […]

Sustainability concerns is not about Green Building only

As Green Building are more than just a Trend . . . In the MENA countries, some concerns about sustainability started to be heard of back in the 1970s; in fact it was more of a follow-on trend than anything else. With the region’s increasing urbanisation impacting the environment, Green Building became an option for [ . . . ]

The Sustainable City of Ksar of Tafilelt of Beni-Isguen story

The Sustainable City of Ksar of Tafilelt of Beni-Isguen story was known to the local people since its inception. It has been rewarded last Monday in Marrakech, Morocco, by the 1st Sustainable City Prize, following an online vote called “Internet’s users Favourite City”, the Algerian Press Service (APS) reported on Wednesday citing officials of the Amidoul Foundation, initiator of the Ksar.
The Ksar of Tafilelt, which was regarded as a very human experience in the northern edge of the Sahara and an eco-city in the desert, had more than 600 votes of the built environment professionals of the world, for having combined architecture, sustainable development, preservation of the environment and local lifestyle, said Moussa Amara, the Project Manager of the Ksar of Tafilelt . . .