‘Road Rage’ these days in the UK a frequent topic in the newspapers

Pedal Power to the rescue ?
In the UK, ‘Road Rage’ these days is a frequent topic in the newspapers. Driving here is stressful and involves very high level of concentration because of the state of the roads and the volume of traffic. You combine that with the fast-paced time orientated working life of most people and you have a toxic, boiling mix of anxiety and frustrating that spills over in the uncontrolled environment on the roads. There is one particular flashpoint of anger and that involves other road users such as motorcycles and bikes. There have the ability to weave (dangerously) in and out of traffic to avoid queues. In addition, cyclists have their own lanes in some places and this is a cause of some resentment because those lanes normally amount to white lines drawn on the road that effectually narrow a road that once was wide and easy to negotiate by car. Cyclists in turn are frustrated that cars often park in these lanes, wide lorries use them and they disappear when the road narrows because the road is too narrow to sustain a cycle path and another road!
Our mortality rate for cycling is similar to Sweden’s which appears on the face of it to make the UK safer that even the Netherlands which prosecutes drivers for any fatality involving a cyclist regardless of fault. The truth, however, is that although the death rate per car is low, it does not represent the number of journeys by bicycle that are actually taken or the location of them. Many towns like my own are . . .

Rio 2016 Olympic Games

I doubt there are many places that aren’t following the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at the moment and in present times only supreme athleticism has surpassed scandals about banned drugs, competition facilities and unsportsman-like behaviour.
The modern world is fiercely competitive, profit-orientated, and deeply ideologically divided but we still love to see the best that humans can physically achieve.
The ancient games began in Greece somewhen in the 8th century BC. It was held in honour of the god Zeus, male only, competed nude and all for an olive tree head-dress. As the Greek world shrank away so did the games but the memory of them did not.
The first `modern’ Olympics was organised in 1612 by lawyer Robert Dover in the obscure village of Chipping Camden in England and continued for a few decades. Later, in 1850 the games re-surfaced in the equally small town of Much Wenlock, with more English sports like cricket.

MENA’s Olympic ambitions, if they were any ?

Whilst the games are on-going still, the BROOKINGS published this very educational article on Friday, August 12, 2016 and we reproduce it here for perhaps help in its wider exposure to the MENA region readers. It must be stressed that the MENA performance so far is marginal at best and that Bahrain leads the pack with a couple of gold/silver trophies. The question would be at this conjecture, whether the MENA’s Olympic ambitions, if they were any, have to be considered as potentially plausible, now that the region’s current wave of infrastructure development is being implemented and to at completion bring it level with past Olympic venues. Aligning Olympic ambitions with urban-access concerns in Rio and beyond is written Joseph Kane of Brookings goes on :
Rio de Janeiro, like many previous host cities, has viewed the Olympics as a way to boost its political standing globally and create durable economic benefits locally as well as the promise of increased tourism, job creation, and renewed investment.

Sport et influence au Qatar: une stratégie de long terme

Le Qatar mise sur le sport depuis plusieurs années afin de renforcer son soft power. Est-ce une stratégie efficace? L’affaire rocambolesque de l’attribution de la Coupe du monde 2022 au Qatar et les scandales qui l’ont suivi pourrait nous en faire douter. Pourtant, le jeu en vaut la chandelle car le sport occupe une place […]

UAE sponsoring of European Football

UAE Companies are biggest European Football Shirt Sponsors By Reuters, 24 February 2014 Firms in UAE and Qatar invested about 160 million euros this season, almost a quarter of the total spend worldwide. Middle East investment is swelling the coffers of Europe’s top soccer clubs whose income from shirt sponsorship has soared to over €687 […]