Qatar’s policy of qatarisation

Qatar’s policy of qatarisation

We have written on numerous occasions on Qatar’s policy of qatarisation (Ref. 15 years of Qatarisation), here is DohaNews produced article on Qatar peculiar situation of its minority autochthonous population. We could safely say that it is about the same situation in all countries of the GCC.
Yes, Qataris have almost always been a minority in their own country
Qatar’s population is continuing to grow, but the number of Qatari nationals remains fairly static, at around 10 percent of the country’s residents, according to some estimates.
However, it used to be as high as 42 percent, according to Priya D’Souza.
The former editor of BQ Magazine was born in Qatar, and her family has lived in the country since the 1950s.
However, Qatari nationality is passed down almost exclusively through the father’s bloodline, and expats who are born in Qatar are not usually granted citizenship.
D’Souza recently left Qatar for good, and is now writing a series of posts for website to “shed some clarity on the Qatar community (both local and migrant) to aid those looking to make Qatar home for the next few years.”

Decision on the Number of 2022 World Cup Stadiums in “due course”

Decision on the Number of 2022 World Cup Stadiums in “due course”

This past week the AFP citing a FIFA official as saying the world’s football governing body will make a decision on the number of 2022 World Cup stadiums in “due course,” but not by the end of this year as expected. The decision was part of an “overall ongoing infrastructure discussion”.
In the world of football it is not only the beautiful game that counts most, it is also as nicely put by the Football Association of Ireland about all infrastructure that surrounds it. The purpose of this document was to ensure that ;
Quality and appropriate facilities of consistent standards are provided for players, coaches and officials;
Football spectators are accommodated in a safe, comfortable and customer friendly environment;
Media and press representatives are able to perform their business in an appropriate and safe working environment.

In an opinion piece in Qatar Tribune citing Qatar Living, Ahmad Ali, General Manager of Al Watan and Qatar Tribune newspapers, asks why the western world has turned against Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The opinion piece has been reproduced in full.
2022 FIFA World Cup turned into a ‘political battle’ against Qatar . . .

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