Wind Power in North Africa, Part I

If the hydro is lagging behind, segments of the solar and wind power are well gone to achieve the ambitions of 2020: 12% growth each, in the national energy mix. Issues however such as control of costs, energy supply security, public / private partnership investments and jobs remain unresolved.

UAE Construction Sector Legal background

UAE Construction Sector Legal background Celine Kanakri, senior associate at Baker & McKenzie wrote back in May 2015 advising to undertake commercial and technical due diligence before signing any contract and elaborating she holds that : The UAE’s booming construction industry prevailing contractual arrangements have been based on international best practices that were adopted locally, […]

Which degrees did the world’s top billionaires have ?

Or put another way:   What degree should you study to become a billionaire?   Engineering is a winner – if you go to university at all, that is. By Lauren Davidson Published   The Telegraph 25 Mar 2015 Prospective university students set on making their millions should sign up for some extra engineering lectures, new […]