Why Start a Faculty Career in the Middle East?

I entered the academic job market in 2013 and 2014 as an A.B.D. candidate in African and postcolonial literature. Given the scarcity of tenure-track jobs in my fields — and the fact that I was studying at a large public university rather than an Ivy or comparable — I knew that my job search would be an uphill battle.My program and my adviser both had a respectable history of placing students in reputable, if not always spectacular, jobs. The tenure-track market, however, had gone from bad to worse. So I entered it apprehensively and was satisfied to secure 10 initial interviews and four campus visits over two years.
I never expected that the job that would sweep me off my feet would be at a university in the Middle East.

Beirut under piles of uncollected rubbish

Al Jazeera produced this article in the below mentioned website on 26 July 2015  on Beirut under piles of uncollected rubbish.  It goes on to report that: Residents are burning garbage in the streets as politicians fail to find a solution for mountains of uncollected trash. By Nour Samaha Lebanon’s capital drowning in an ocean of trash. […]

Druze country Landscapes

The Druze constitute around three per cent of the population and are the third largest religious minority in Syria.  They are located primarily in Jabal Druze (also known as Jabal al-Arab or Jabal Hawran) on the south-western border abutting Jordan, but with significant communities on the Golan (Jawlan), seventeen villages in Jabal al-A’la, roughly midway […]

Landscapes of Lebanon

Al Bustan The Classical Music Festival in Beirut survives war and assassinations In its 22 years, the festival has cancelled only a single concert. As its founder says: ‘Every year there’s some crisis’ and we say: “My God, are we going to carry on?” and we always do’ Excerpts from the Guardian of 11 April […]

A new capital city for Lebanon

Lebanon plans new capital city Following Egypt’s example, Lebanon is planning to build a new capital city of the country.  The project of a new capital city has been initiated and $1 billion already pledged for the master plan and the acquisition of all necessary land, representatives of the Friends of Open Lebanese Society organization and Dar […]