COP22: Talk about Africa’s Climate Finance Needs

There was at the COP22 : Talk about Africa’s Climate Finance Needs of course among many other issues all related to Climate Change. Yesterday the UN sponsored international conference of the parties closed with lots of recommendations, notably covering how the world least polluter in this instance Africa would have to gather the necessary finance for its assigned job of clearing its backyard. An article of the WEF written by Linah K. Mohohlo, Governor and Chairman of the Board, Bank of Botswana was published on Friday 18 November 2016.
This article is about as put at COP22, about how it is important to ensure that climate finance meets Africa’s needs.
Climate change is the biggest problem . . . .

Citizens against their Governments over Climate Change

Did you know it’s possible to take legal action to fight global warming? In Oregon for instance, some young people won the right to sue their State Government over failed climate action. European Citizens against their Governments over Climate Change, have been doing just that as well like this Climate lawsuit in Belgium where some Belgian activists and a group of artists got inspired from that action of the American youths to do the same, and sue their Belgian government to increase its climate change program of deeper greenhouse gas emission cuts. It must be mentioned that it would mean cutting carbon emissions by 40% by 2020, and around 90% by 2050.
In the meantime in Marrakesh, Morocco, the on-going COP22 for all this week will be closing today.

Les nouveautés de la rentrée universitaire marocaine

Le Huffington Post Maghreb a repris le mardi 24 novembre l’annonce  faite par Lahcen Daoudi, ministre de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la recherche scientifique, au parlement. En 2016, 16 établissements universitaires devraient voir le jour au Maroc. Selon l’article, “parmi les futurs projet, le Centre hospitalier universitaire (CHU) de Tanger, dont les travaux de construction […]

Solar Road part in the energy transition to Smart Cities

Solar power spearheading all renewable energy R&D has lately culminated with the recent French Colas launching a solar power road system.
It all started when an experimental bicycle path that also functions as a ribbon of continuous solar cells. That got technologists and scientists alike looking at roadways as possible generation source of solar power for street lighting and traffic signage systems. Electric cars powering was also in the brief of this project but its implementation was far it seemed from concretisation.

Best beaches of Morocco

Welcome in Chefchaouen on the Mediterranean…
Chaouen- or Xauen – is a magical town with a dream of thousand and one nights. This town invites you to go along for a stroll as many others who have fallen in love with the magic that exists here.
Visit the Medina, stroll in the cascades and go for excursions in the mountains of the Rif or on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea: taste the flavours of Morocco and look at the surroundings that will fascinate the lovers of nature.

Pas d’université maghrébine dans les 1000 mondiales

Aucune université algérienne, tunisienne ou marocaine ne figure dans le nouveau classement des 1000 meilleures universités dans le monde, publié le 15 juillet 2015 par le ‘Center for World University Rankings’ (CWUR). Un article du Huffington Post Maghreb du 19/07/2015 met en évidence l’absence d’université maghrébine dans les milles meilleurs mondiaux.

La société américaine Uber arrive au Maroc

La société américaine de transport Uber s’installe au Maroc, avec une première implantation à Casablanca. Selon la directrice générale d’Uber Maroc, Meryem Belqziz, citée dans Maroc Hebdo 5/8/2015), «la société sera dans un premier temps en phase de calibrage, avec un service restreint jusqu’à notre lancement officiel dans quelques mois. Lors de cette phase initiale, […]