UAE tops MENA for wage equality, but . . .

GULF BUSINESS Economy posted this enlightening article by Aarti Nagraj on how It will take the MENA economies “153 years to close the gender gap at the current rate of change” UAE tops MENA for wage equality, Arab region remains world’s least gender-equal The UAE has been ranked as the top country in the Middle […]

$1.5 billion wholesale Dubai Food Park

The UAE, after first announcing its intent back in July, has unveiled a $1.5 billion wholesale Dubai Food Park (DFP) to be spread over an area of about 4.5 million m².  And it will be the first destination totally dedicated to serving the food sector in the Middle East. The DFP will feature a central wholesale market and will also provide food safety and inspection together with various other related governmental services. It is  mainly aimed at meeting the demand of the food sector of not only the UAE but of all the Gulf region.
Dubai where up to 80% discounts at its usual summer Big Clearance Sale could be grabbed as per Khaleej Times in not only its streets shops and numerous malls but in Three expansive halls of its World Trade Centre.

Trending ambitious projects in the Gulf countries

Trending ambitious projects in the Gulf countries Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE, Doha in Lusail, Qatar, Manama in Bahrain have always been competing one another for commercial limelight. These days despite all oil related exports revenues these have not been witnessed to slumber somehow so they seem to be projected out by the local media. The first thing that one would notice is not only the size of investments but the unconventional nature of the extraordinary schemes that are shaping up certain areas of each of the above. Doha, for instance launched its $ billion Lusail urban development in early 2000 as a government inspired private public partnership operation that is eventually to foreign and non-resident ownership. The construction industry in the Gulf countries has always been served and serving the national private citizen and organisations alike. Dubai being the precursor in starting to allow some freehold to go to foreign and resident investors stayed at the forefront until joined by almost all of the others member countries of the GCC.

Green Energy in the Arab World

According to Global Risk Insights, the MENA region saw over 2 GW of new solar capacity tendered in 2016, and 2017 looks to easily surpass this level as hundreds of billions of Dollars begin to flow into green energy in the Arab world. On April 6th, Middle Eastern nations announced an ambitious energy project to […]

$1 billion project of Dubai’s Largest Indoor Theme Park

Of all the achievements that Dubai could claim to have realised since or after the formation of the United Arab Emirates, is this semi-loony $1 billion project of Dubai’s Largest Indoor Theme Park that is not really such a loony one.  It may however seem so at first glance but at a closer look, the city has dramatically changed since dredging of what is called its “creek”, that is a finger of the Gulf sea water coming into the desert shore land.  What followed after that is a succession of more and more amazing developments as decidedly helped by the unprecedentedly ginormous inflow of petrodollars and the accompanying expatriates to service them. 

It would be interesting to follow up on the current Qatar crisis as intimated in our Qatar crisis impacts on the rest of the MENA region and its direct effect on such a project.

UAE banning all Fruit and Vegetable imports

Early this week, all GCC media covered the latest move of the Government of the UAE banning all fruit and vegetable imports form selected countries.  These happened to be those of the neighbouring Middle Eastern countries of Egypt, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon and Yemen where trading their agricultural products must represent good earnings. The pretext of […]

Middle East Construction Industry Recovery

Faithfull and Gould, produced this eye opening article written by DAVID CLIFTON and published on 10 Apr 2017.on the situation of the construction industry in the Emirates and how at this conjecture it appears to be recovering. Faithfull and Gould, (F & G) is as per WIKIPEDIA, a UK based project and programme management consultancy. It […]