Water crisis looms for Egypt

Water crisis looms for Egypt as Ethiopia’s Nile mega-dam nears completion #Environment Ethiopia’s GERD dam is set to reshape the complex water politics of the Nile Basin – and ‘water stressed’ Egyptians will be the biggest losers Kieran Cooke Thursday 27 December 2018 Editor’s note: Two of the biggest dam projects in the world – one […]

Water challenges in the Middle East and North Africa region

A Question and Answer with Pasquale Steduto in this World Water Week concern all matters of Water challenges in the Middle East and North Africa region . Solutions to water challenges in the Middle East and North Africa region   The Middle East and North Africa is the world’s most water-scarce region and the situation […]

Researcher have discovered a way to produce Water in the Desert from thin air

The Guardian article by Chukwuma Muanya, Assistant Editor published on 30 March 2018 started thus. Researcher have discovered a way to produce water in the desert from thin air. Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed technology that could save lives in harsh desert climates. The technology allows users to transform moisture in […]

Globally, nowadays, water is in a crisis

Somebody the other day in their Investment Website introduced his counselling thus : You’ve got rather used to turning on the tap, and having water come out. You probably think that our water supply is fairly reliable. But you’d be wrong. More specifically in the MENA region, the issue has always been throughout the centuries there. Globally, nowadays, water is in a crisis – and it could affect you far sooner than you think. Let’s get this problem into perspective. Start by listing all the things you use water for. You’ll probably quickly add showering, washing clothes, and drinking. But if you think that’s captured your main use of water, I’m afraid you’re entirely wrong. The vast majority of the water you use isn’t in the home at all – it’s “embedded” in the products you buy. For example, it takes nearly two-and-a-half tonnes of water to make one hamburger. This isn’t all drinking water – but it’s still needed for the farming and manufacturing processes. Surprised?
Seriously, the problem is real and who best to explain to us all related than the following.
The UNDP produced this article in 2006 on Water Scarcity Challenges in the Middle East and North Africa by Stockholm International Water Institute.
Water is scarce in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. As Allan (2002) noted, the region basically “ran out of water in the 70s”

Tunisia’s ‘thirst uprising’ warning ?

Is Tunisia heading toward a ‘thirst uprising’? Asked Perrine Massy in her article posted on Al Monitor of September 16th, 2016. The question seems to date not to get any answer soon in view of the plethora of recent articles on the subject. We reproduce here an interesting one of Today with the AFP whom perhaps on a rebound on events of 2011, does appear to cover every sign of however insignificance of contestation from the Tunisian people. In any case, would Tunisia’s ‘thirst uprising’ warning take any water now that the rainy season is in sight?
Tunisia water shortages spark ‘thirst uprising’ warning. Activists are warning of a potential “thirst uprising” in Tunisia following protests over severe water shortages after one of the North African nation’s driest summers on record.
Residents in the interior are suffering long water supply cuts, reservoirs are running dry and farmers are seeing significant losses, adding to social tensions in a country still struggling with instability since its 2011 revolution

Water Security in the MENA region

According to the World Resources Institute (WRI), the MENA region is one of the most water insecure regions of the planet and that “roughly two thirds of the Arab World’s surface water supplies originate outside the region” and as put by Amit Pandya, Stimson Centre Fellow and Cipher Brief expert, would require extensive cooperation between regional countries to manage. Water Security in the MENA region should consequently be at the top of the elites’ agendas and second to none.
Water resources, as aggravated by global climate change, local populations’ explosion, and non-ending regional conflicts, not only continue to outstrip supply but also make it difficult to store and rationally distribute the little of that is available.
Amit Pandya in a write up of August 19th, 2016 that is reproduced below, observed, that perhaps the most important first step will be to “avoid wringing our hands at the impossibility of reversing large scale natural processes and understand water as a resource that is, has been, and should be managed.”
The Centre of Security Discourse and Planning, In 2016,

Deep groundwater in the Sahara

Northern aquifer system is charging? An article of  Liberte-Algerie   by Rabah Said dated April 28, 2016 elaborated on the Sahara underground water lakes.  Until recently, these Deep groundwater in the Sahara were considered strictly fossil, meaning non renewable. Yet, according to a study by the ‘Institut de Recherche pour le Développement’ (IRD-France)   published in Geophysical Research […]