Meet Youssef Chraïbi, MOM at ENGIE

ENGIE is a global energy player and an expert operator in the three businesses of electricity, natural gas and energy services. The Group develops its businesses around a model based on responsible growth to take on the major challenges of energy’s transition to a low-carbon economy: access to sustainable energy, climate-change mitigation and adaptation, security of supply and the rational use of resources. ENGIE today invites us to Meet Youssef Chraïbi, MOM at ENGIE.  We would like to believe that Youssef is a very representative member of the MENA originated youth that are emerging in numbers these days.

Here is below extract of this interesting article and in case of its appreciation, let us wish this young man all the best in his present and forthcoming endeavours.

Obligatory Corridors for a French Presidential Candidate

After the US elections back in November of last year, it is the turn to the French ones next May. Emmanuel Macron, a young independent centrist has created some wages whilst on a short visit to Algiers last week. That country over the years with its capital city Algiers became one of the obligatory corridors for a French Presidential candidate. This week, in London, the other pre-election campaign stop-off for the French [ . . . ]

Leader de demain – du troisième type

Gérald Karsenti, président de la filiale française Hewlett Packard Enterprise dans Les Echos du 28 Decembre 2016 a écrit un article sur notre sujet regulier du leadership.  Il s’agit de ce Leader de demain – du troisième type . Voila à quoi ressemblera le leader de demain. Face aux multiples défis économiques, sociétaux, environnementaux, nous aurons besoin de nouveaux leaders. Gerald Karsenti explique en quoi ces derniers seront différents. Plongés au cœur de la 4ème révolution industrielle, avec des startups bousculant l’ordre établi dans tous les secteurs d’activités, nous avons tous un devoir de remise en cause. Face à la déferlante d’innovations, entreprises et gouvernements doivent s’adapter. Des leaders d’un nouveau genre émergent peu à peu pour accompagner ces mutations profondes. Je les ai appelés les “leaders du troisième type”. En quoi sont-ils différents de leurs prédécesseurs ? Avant toute autre chose, ils ne sont plus narcissiques, du moins pas dans la forme dominante. [. . .]

Pyrrhic Victory

Friday was the anniversary of the start of the battle of the Somme, infamous as being the bloodiest day in British history. It is said that the opening barrage was heard in London, which sounds incredible, but possible given that much of southern of England was quiet and agrarian. Royalty and heads of state paid their respects yesterday to young men sent to their deaths by royalty and heads of state. Millions of people are still horrified and saddened by the awful unnecessarily prolonged suffering of `men’ still likely to be at school today.

Mayors & Local Authorities meeting

What is in it for Algeria’s local authorities as part of a decentralized development … The establishment of a framework for decentralized cooperation between local authorities of Algeria and France started in 1999 in Algiers. On May 25 and 26th, 2016, Mayors & Local Authorities of Algeria & France met in Algiers following on the […]

EU hospitality in the MENA region

TradeArabia  back in April 23rd, 2016 published an article titled EU hospitality in the MENA region.  Louvre to open 11 new hotels in MENA region this year, including six properties in the GCC. ‘Groupe du Louvre’ is a French company, headquartered in Village 5, La Défense in Nanterre, France has plans of an aggressive expansion […]