The COP24 concluded with the UN promising to hold another summit in Chile next year. It will be one year ahead of the real crunch time when countries must produce their Paris agreement resulting emissions commitment details.

Meanwhile, it must be known thatthe US, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait tried to torpedo the COP24 Climate Conference in Poland as per Steve Hanley who posted his thoughts on December10th, 2018 by saying that in the Paris Agreement three years ago, the nations of the world gathered in Paris to hammer out an agreement to keep average global temperatures from rising more than 1.5°C and . . . that the resulting agreement was hailed as proof countries could work together to solve global problems, but it was just a framework for action.

The hard work of figuring outprecisely what each country needed to do would come later. The COP 24 climate summit in Katowice, Poland, is where the rubber was supposed to meet the road — the time for the details needed to implement the Paris accords would be hammered out.

Instead, the nations of the world got hammered by 4 of the largest fossil fuel producers in the world. Yesterday in Poland, the United States, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait served notice that they have no intention of lifting a finger to prevent the destruction of the planet. Instead, they all support a “business as usual” approach that will see every molecule of fossil fuel extracted and burned in the pursuit of profit.

However, At COP24, countries agree concrete way forward to bring the Paris climate deal to life

UNFCCC/James Dowson

COP24 closing plenary meeting in Katowice, Poland, 16 December 2018. 
UNFCCC/James Dowson

Climate Change

After two weeks of crunch negotiations – with overtime – the almost 200 parties gathered in Katowice, Poland, for the United Nations COP24 two-week climate change conference, adopted on Saturday a “robust” set of implementing guidelines for the landmark 2015 Paris Agreement, aimed at keeping globalwarming well below 2°C compared to pre-industrial levels.

But while delegates at the climate conferencein Poland, agreed to a “rulebook” for the Paris Agreement, “TheRace Is On: Big Oil Rushes to Supply the 1 Billion Disconnected” • Supermajors are making more commitments to renewable energy, as they preparefor a less carbon-intensive future. Some are going a step further, with suchhumanist causes as providing green energy to some of the billion people whohave no electricity. [Yahoo Finance]