A recently-released survey on buildings performance specification has decided that Dubai and Doha are Middle East “smartest” cities.

The survey undertaken by the US-based engineering firm Honeywell and labelled Smart Building Score is a global index with the objective of assessing buildings performance.  620 buildings including airports, hotels, hospitals, office and residential buildings and educational and commercial facilities, across Abu Dhabi, Dammam, Doha, Dubai, Jeddah, Kuwait City, and Riyadh were evaluated based on the assessment on their use of 15 technology assets to find out which systems are in place to make them green, safe and productive.

The first finding was that more than half of the surveyed cities in the region have only limited connectivity and integration of building systems.

The second conclusion was that airports lead the way with smart building technologies and hotels follow, with hospitals, commercial retail and office space in that order.  Education institutions were found to be lowest, with however all residential buildings.

The study found also that buildings scored relatively low on asset capability. . . .

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