This fascinating Interview on Syria–former British Diplomat Alastair Crooke was posted on February 26, 2018 by Richard Edmondson .

Crooke obviously is quite knowledgeable on the subject of Syria. The interview, a rather “must-see” one from my point of view, was posted Friday. Latest news today–we seem to have another false flag chlorine gas attack that the mainstream media are blaming on the Syrian government. (More details below).

One child dead after suspected chlorine gas attack from Syrian government, reads the headline over a Reuters story published six hours ago at Business Insider. The article reports on “an enormous explosion” which took place on Sunday in East Ghouta, leaving “several people” suffering from “symptoms consistent with exposure to chlorine gas.” The article is accompanied by a photo of a “civil defense member” purportedly carrying a “damaged canister,” and you can also go here to see a video featuring the latest propaganda images disseminated by the White Helmets.

You’ll notice in the conversation above (starting at about 6 minutes into the video) the discussion comes around to the subject of Israel and the shoot-down by Syrian forces of an Israeli plane earlier this month. In Crooke’s analysis of the event he speculates that Putin delivered a “strategically huge” message to Netanyahu during a phone call between the two men: that Israel will no longer be able to enjoy air supremacy in the region. It’s a rather fascinating analysis, and to hear words like this from a former British career diplomat is interesting to say the least.

Perhaps not surprisingly, then, the following is being reported today by RT:

Russian 5th-gen fighter deployed to Syria for radar test, latest leaked details claim

New details have emerged on the deployment of Russia’s most-advanced fighter jets to Syria. The state-of-the-art Su-57s are in the region to test their electronic warfare and radar capabilities, an insider has said.

Last week, the Russian Defense Ministry reportedly moved four Su-57s, which have been built for trials, to Khmeimim Airbase in Syria. The deployment was seemingly confirmed by Israeli satellite images and footage taken from the ground, but neither the Russian military nor the producer of the advanced warplane would comment on the move.

The article (read it in full here ) goes on to report that “the advanced fighter jets were deployed to Syria less than two weeks after US forces attacked and devastated a group of pro-government forces, which included some Russian citizens.”

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