Published by HuffPost Education of 25 March 2016 and written by Eric Sheninger, Senior Fellow at International Center for Leadership in Education, ICLE, this article titled “Great Leaders Stand Out” underlines those things that are amongst those that make Great Leaders Character, Integrity and Transparency.

“Great leaders don’t succeed because they are great. They succeed because they bring out greatness in others.” –  Jon Gordon

What makes a great leader? ask Sheninger. There is no shortage of advice on the characteristics, qualities, and attributes that make up a great leader. Leadership is a choice and something that one should not take lightly. “It does not rely on a title, position, or power, but instead, the actions that one takes” says Sheninger. “Leadership is the ability to move people to where they need to be instead of telling them what to do. Character, integrity, and transparency are at the heart of every action taken.”. . .

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