London property market and Qatari Diyar

Bloomberg in an article titled “London Property: Rise of the Extreme Fringe” with figures and statistics dated 30 March 2016 reported on London’s edges heating up.

Year-on-year property price increases in a number of the city’s postal districts are now around or above the 30 percent mark, according to a Bloomberg analysis of preliminary February sales data from the U.K. Land Registry. Residential districts in all four corners of the city’s core postcodes show increases significantly above the 12.7 percent median rise, as per the proposed map in the article. The largest single year-on-year rise – albeit with a low sales volume – was in the north London district of NW5.

Meanwhile, and according to the local media, ‘Qatari Diar’ (QD), a Doha based real estate company established by the Qatar Investment Authority in 2005, and settled in the UK as QD Real Estate Investment Co. has joined U.K. developer Delancey Real Estate Asset Management Ltd. and Dutch pension fund APG Asset Management NV to create a £1.4 billion ($2 billion) home-rental business in London, with properties in the former Olympic athletes’ village and the Elephant & Castle districts. . .  

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