To be trump or not to be trumped, that is the question I ask of thee

He was a dog of a presidential candidate…an underdog that is.  The publishers for the top 50 American newspapers unanimously predicted that he would lose the race.  His opponent was consistently ahead on all the polls even up to the day of the election.  So confident that he did not have a chance in the dog fight, The Chicago Tribune printed and distributed the front page story announcing his opponent as the winner.  On November 3, 1948, the headliner read “Dewey Defeats Truman.”  Yet, against all odds, Harry S. Truman won the Presidential election of 1948.  But that was not the first time that an underdog candidate became a US President.  He was elected by the popular votes of the voting citizens of the States, as opposed to media moguls or other establishments.  Mr. Trump would not be the first to be trumped.

Back in 1828, the first US president to win by the popular vote of citizens was Andrew Jackson.  Up until that time, the President was elected and voted by the body of Congress.  In the previous election of 1824, although he won the popular vote, the election was overruled by the elite leaders in Congress who handed the plum job to a more suitable, educated, sophisticated, and politically-established John Quincy Adams. . .  

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