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By Jack Marley, The Conversation, Commissioning Editor, UK edition; Khalil A. Cassimally, The Conversation, Community Project Manager (Audience development), UK edition and Will de Freitas, Environment + Energy Editor, The Conversation.

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Imagine is an upcoming newsletter by The Conversation which presents a vision of a world acting on climate change. Drawing from the collective wisdom of academics in fields from anthropology and zoology to technology and psychology, this newsletter will explore what alternatives there are from the world of research and what they would mean for you and the rest of the planet.

Climate change is here. Decades of warnings from scientists are now being vindicated, from extreme weather to mass extinctions of species. Every day we’re more familiar with the reality of climate change and what it means for life on Earth.

But climate change is not just an environmental issue. It is a fundamental crisis for civilisation. How can humanity face up to the wide range of challenges posed by climate change? If we embraced solutions and alternative ways of doing things, how might life be different?

The media has had some success in communicating how climate change could devastate the planet, but people are less familiar with the solutions. Beyond the idea of driving less and going vegan, there is often less discussion about the transformations needed to help society thrive in an age threatened by ecological crisis.

The ideas are out there, and already some are capturing attention. The Green New Deal, announced in February 2019 by US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, proposes an emergency transformation of America’s economy and society to bring greenhouse emissions to zero in ten years, redistribute wealth and help people find useful work and leisure time in a resurgent natural environment.

There are many other research-based solutions from different environmental, political, social and energy academics to consider. Imagine will arrive soon and is your guide to the future as it may yet still be. There is still time for radical thinking on how the world can seize the initiative on climate change, and make life more fulfilling for all living beings in the process.

In the present gloom of an ecological crisis, Imagine will bring clarity and suggestions for what a future beyond climate change could look like.

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