The recent terrorist attack against a gas site and persistence of security tensions at the borders of Southern Algeria threatened by terrorism

By University Professor, International Expert in Strategic Management, Dr Abderrahmane Mebtoul,

The recent attempt by terrorists against a site of gas production at Krechba, 200 km from In-Salah this March 18, 2016, comes after the recent short-range Stinger missiles capture in El-Oued by the Algerian Armed Forces, while not forgetting the terrorist attack of Tiguentourine, highlighting the issue of Algerian security without which no development is possible.

This contribution is a synthesis of my various contributions and international interventions between a 2010 through 2015, posing the problem of security of Algeria.

1. Favouring its own strategic interests in the first place, Algeria acts based on a number of principles and from a proven willingness to contribute to the promotion of security and stability in the region.  The end of the cold war marked by the collapse of the Soviet bloc and the United States’ September 11, 2001 represent a crucial turning point in contemporary history.  The first event marks the end of a world born half a century earlier and . . . .

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