How Sustainability Is Transforming The Way Professionals Live And Work Globally was looked at by The Emagazine. It notably holds that Sustainability is a growing concern around the globe, and experts predict it will become an integral part of the future for all professionals.

How Sustainability Is Transforming The Way Professionals Live And Work Globally

As sustainability takes on a larger role in their daily lives, this shift will alter professional practices, from how they work to where they live.

To thrive in a world of sustainable change, experts say professionals need to think critically about their actions and engage with the knowledge that is both broad and deep.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is the ability to withstand or adapt to change with minimal impact on the environment or quality of life.

It is defined by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as “a socially-shared endeavor for a prosperous and sustainable future,” with goals that aim to eliminate poverty, reduce inequalities in wealth and opportunity, improve well-being for all, combat climate change and promote ecological wisdom.

Sustainable Development Goals

GetSmarter survey results show that the majority of professionals prioritize sustainability as a greater global challenge than climate change or religious conflict.

To address this challenge, the United Nations adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in September 2015, which includes 17 global goals aimed to achieve sustainable development between now and 2030.

The “Sustainable Development Goals” are also referred to as the Global Goals. These goals are for all countries worldwide, with specific targets for each country depending on factors such as population and economic conditions.

Experts say that these goals will be impossible to achieve without the right amount of economic and social progress. The goals also seek to strengthen international cooperation for countries to meet their sustainable development goals:

  • Effective governance: promoting inclusive and accountable governance at all levels of decision-making .
  • Gender equality: ending discrimination against women and girls
  • Environmental sustainability: ensuring the protection, conservation, sustainable use and restoration of ecosystems .
  • Climate action: strengthening resilience to climate change .
  • Life below water: ensuring sustainable management of marine resources for food security. .
  • Life on land: promoting conservation, sustainable use of terrestrial resources, and the reduction of land degradation.
  • Peace, justice and strong institutions: building peaceful, just and inclusive societies .
  • Partnerships for the goals: strengthening partnerships for the goals with a focus on people at all levels of society.


Climate change and sustainability go hand-in-hand and are not just a part of the future but already a reality. As they continue to produce more greenhouse gases, they can predict that global warming will affect everyone.

Climate change is having effects on water, food resources, and weather patterns. It is also experiencing rising temperatures around the globe.

Pointers on The Sustainability Transformation

1. Research specific sustainability trends in your industry.

For example, many industries are moving toward more energy-efficient vehicles. Energy efficiency is one of the main focuses of sustainable practices because it reduces waste and saves money.

The future is upon everyone; you can see that the world has taken steps toward sustainability. For example, many countries are developing new regulations to reduce carbon emissions.

2. List the steps you will take to incorporate sustainability into your daily life.

You can start with simple changes, such as recycling and eating sustainable foods. Research places with sustainability initiatives that you can apply in your own life.

3. Take a look at the Sustainable Development Goals. What is in your industry that you can do to help the environment?    

Discuss what steps you can take in your position to incorporate these goals into your workplace.

Sustainability is changing people’s lifestyles and that of the entire planet. It is no longer a future goal; it is now a priority for all professionals. To make these changes, professionals need to think critically about their actions and engage with the knowledge that is both broad and deep.