UK Housing design trends for 2016

adf architectdatafile published on 17 December 2015 this article for the purpose and use of the citizens of the UK.  We found that with respect to all housing types, great or small, it could be of some interest for all citizens of the MENA.  As defined by Wikipedia, the Royal Institute of British Architects is […]

MENA’s Design Industry Summits

The whole of the MENA region is presently undergoing development that is particularly frantic in the GCCs. And as for all development, a phase of inception and feasibility has to be passed through; it is labelled in 1 word as Design. It involves specialists’ people of high calibre and it has settled as a non-negligible segment of business. This went like all sectors of trade and commerce through statistics and the findings that are surfacing these latter days indicate the affluence and influence of Design.

Modernity vs Tradition in design in Qatar

Qatar with the advent of oil exploration, production and export has earned enough finance to allow it, like all other states of the GCC, to commit to large developments mainly of residential, institutional buildings and all related infrastructure. In doing so, it can be ascertained that Modernity vs Tradition in design in Qatar has always […]