Thorough Reviews of proposed Capital Projects

Governments in developing economies often lack the capacity to conduct thorough reviews of proposed capital projects. A streamlined approach can identify those ready for funding.  By Rima Assi, Nicklas Garemo, and Arno Heinrich studying an issue of vital importance for all developing countries, came up with the following essay. They addressed the most likely to […]

GCC’s 2016: new construction spending forecast is low

GCC 2016 :  new construction spending down In Qatar, new construction projects spend is forecast to fall by almost 25% with a drop of $8 billion. A 15% drop in the total value of all contracts that are awarded across the GCC countries through 2016 is anticipated, the National  of 17 January 2016 reported. Saudi Arabia […]

Inflation in Qatar : Self inflicted ?

Inflation in Qatar could delay 2022 World Cup stadiums construction works High construction costs, shortage of skilled manpower coupled with a deficient system of building professional capabilities assessment and a certain heavy handed mainly local banking environment are hindering growth.  As a matter of fact, the country’s construction sector accounts for an important component of […]

UAE Construction Sector Legal background

UAE Construction Sector Legal background Celine Kanakri, senior associate at Baker & McKenzie wrote back in May 2015 advising to undertake commercial and technical due diligence before signing any contract and elaborating she holds that : The UAE’s booming construction industry prevailing contractual arrangements have been based on international best practices that were adopted locally, […]

Saudisation in the Country’s Construction Industry

Saudisation: a national issue by Hadi Khatib on 21 March 2015 published by CONSTRUCTIONWEEKONLINE.COM Saudisation in the Country’s Construction Industry is testing the resolve of this sector, with firms looking for solutions that do not restrain projects while meeting national interests. By Hadi Khatib. Saudi Arabia’s new king, Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud will, in the […]