Global Inequality growing ?

Oxfam’s has in a third year come out with well-timed press releases that cover its concern about the world’s increasing gap between the rich and the poor.  These communication exercises are obviously aimed at the yearly meetings at the World Economic Forum of Davos. Is Global Inequality really growing ? Oxfam, a UK based charity […]

China’s Stock Market Black Monday effets on the MENA ?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1,000 points on Monday 24 August , and it has already erased most of its gains for the year, in reaction to China’s economic woes going through its own growing pains and economic fate. U.S. and European entrepreneurs having flocked to China attracted by its cheap manufacturing potential did help in China owning close to $4 trillion of the US’s debt, and turning into the world’s second-largest economy, responsible for roughly 15 percent of global exports. Effects of all this onto the MENA are proposed.