Climate Change Fast Growing Threat to World Heritage

The MENA region with its heavy historical background stands very vulnerable to Climate Change Fast Growing Threat. It is elaborated on by the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Adam Markham, deputy director and published in their Climate & Energy Program on July 3, 2018.  Climate Change fast growing threat to World Heritage would at this stage be […]

England of thick traffic and tiny winding roads

It is not obvious how England came to look as it does and visitors must wonder what happened to make it that way. It was once widely assumed the Romans built the first roads in Britain. The great Roman General Julius Caesar, however, records meeting chariots when he landed in Kent. Chariots would not get far in our wet, forested country without reasonable roads

Carthage and Ancient Rome in North Africa

Rome established its first African colony, Africa Vetus, in the most fertile part of what was formerly Carthaginian territory, and established Utica as the administrative capital. The remaining territory was left in the domain of the Numidian client King Massinissa. At this time, the Roman policy in Africa was simply to prevent another great power to rise on the far side of Sicily. Therefore, great freedom of rule was granted to Massinissa and his descendents. Upon his death in 148 BCE, the territory was divided among his heirs into several smaller client Kingdoms.

UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites new listing

UNESCO has released their list of newly inscribed properties for 2015, adding 24 new sites of cultural and natural significance to the World Heritage list. This newly released list of World Heritage Sites includes a good number that are located in the Middle East.  These are singled out and elaborated on as follows : Aqueduct […]