Building sites are going to look a bit different, in the future

Building sites are going to look a bit different, in the future for many reasons such as those proposed by ScienceDirect a year ago in their introduction to “3D Printing of Buildings: Construction of the Sustainable Houses of the Future by BIM Mehmet Sakin*, Yusuf Caner Kiroglu”. This explains that 3D printing is a process […]

2016 Theme: Housing at the Centre

World Habitat Day is observed on the first Monday of October of each year since 1986. The purpose of the day is to reflect on the condition of the world wide human dwelling basic systems and their adequate provision and timely maintenance. 2016 Theme: Housing at the Centre comes at a time where apparently more than a billion people worldwide live in very sub-standard living conditions. The MENA region has as bespoke a portfolio of housing stock as it has diverse geo political systems. Some are very advanced in their specification whilst others are either as backward as one can imagine and / or are presently in traumatic war conditions. In any case, there was nothing special about yesterday’s celebrations, or at least worth reporting in this article; that is before being reminded of this vital anniversary by EcoMENA .
We propose to republish the UN’s Habitat article here for its wide spread and reach, starting with a word of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.
“On this World Habitat Day, I urge national and local governments, city planners and communities everywhere to keep “Housing at the Centre”. Guaranteeing dignity and opportunity for all depends on people having access to affordable and adequate housing. I look forward to a successful Habitat III Conference that will help us advance our sustainable development agenda for the benefit of all humankind.”

Bahrain’s Housing in May 2016

Bahrain’s Housing in May 2016 has currently a backlog of more than 50,000 applications, and long-term demand is expected to outpace supply, particularly as the sector works to overcome infrastructure and land allocation constraints at the same time. Bahrain’s housing development has expanded in recent years.  The government has signed its first-ever real estate public-private partnership […]

UK Housing design trends for 2016

adf architectdatafile published on 17 December 2015 this article for the purpose and use of the citizens of the UK.  We found that with respect to all housing types, great or small, it could be of some interest for all citizens of the MENA.  As defined by Wikipedia, the Royal Institute of British Architects is […]

Middle Income Housing in the MENA

JLL, a real estate investment consultant, has published a special report titled Middle-Income Housing report on its supply to that segment of the populations in the MENA region. The report, reviewing three key regional markets of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE, suggests that significant efforts are needed to address the current imbalance, and outlines that this shortage is an important and consistent issue across these three major MENA markets

77,000 new social housing units in Bahrain

77,000 new social housing units in Bahrain are planned for the near future.   The Kingdom of Bahrain has embarked on a new ambitious homes plan which will see the construction of that number up to 77,000 new social housing units for its residents across the country, said a report. The project is part of the social […]

Affordable Housing in Dubai

Dubai to ‘benefit from affordable housing quotas’ Published by Gulf Construction on 8 March 2015 The proposal by Dubai Municipality to introduce mandatory affordable housing quotas for all new residential developments is long overdue and is expected to bring a wide range of benefits to the UAE emirate, while driving further maturity in the […]