Opportunities still abundant in the developing world

Opportunities are still abundant in the developing world if you take the time to understand the local way of doing things.
The developed world is still suffering from a period of sluggish growth and wage stagnation. Costs of doing business remain stubbornly high, and political turmoil around the US election and the UK’s EU referendum are not giving investors any more clarity in the medium term.
Slowdowns in the once promising BRIC nations mean the search is truly back on to find new sources of sustainable growth and returns in the 21st century. The fickleness of today’s markets doesn’t change the underlying factors that signal future growth in emerging markets. There are about 1.8 billion young people worldwide between the ages of 10 and 24, the largest youth population in history,

Private capital flows in GCC

In the past few decades, the UAE has emerged as the only net importer of private capital in the GCC countries, mainly because of its amongst many things diversified economy. And it does carry on the same, a significant finding in the context of low global oil prices and declining government surpluses in all GCC countries