Revival of the Arab Maghreb Union

The Maghreb with 99,380,000 inhabitants with a $375.6 billion GDP in 2017 is in north-west Africa, as delimited to the north by the Mediterranean and to the south by the Sahara, in the west by the Atlantic Ocean and by Egypt in the East. Revival of the Arab Maghreb Union, despite its huge development potential and […]

Why Start a Faculty Career in the Middle East?

I entered the academic job market in 2013 and 2014 as an A.B.D. candidate in African and postcolonial literature. Given the scarcity of tenure-track jobs in my fields — and the fact that I was studying at a large public university rather than an Ivy or comparable — I knew that my job search would be an uphill battle.My program and my adviser both had a respectable history of placing students in reputable, if not always spectacular, jobs. The tenure-track market, however, had gone from bad to worse. So I entered it apprehensively and was satisfied to secure 10 initial interviews and four campus visits over two years.
I never expected that the job that would sweep me off my feet would be at a university in the Middle East.