“The Middle East: A region divided” 2017 Report

The MENA region consist as we all know of countries of predominately Arab at 70%, Iranian and Turkic at approximately 14% each, populations.  A study of these ‘Arab World’ populations’ youth titled “The Middle East: A region divided” 2017 Report is based on surveys undertaken by ASDA’A Burson-Marsteller, a Public Relation firm established in Dubai, […]

What Africa can learn from the Brexit

The World Economic Forum report deals with What Africa can learn from the Brexit; Britain’s failed experiment in regional integration. “By a wafer-thin margin of 1.2 million votes, Britain last week voted to exit the European Union. The ongoing tussle between “Euroscepticism” and “Europhoria” seemed to have tilted in favour of the former.
The knock-on effects of the Brexit are just beginning to crystallize and, in truth, there is no telling whether the worst of the storm is behind us or still in the build-up phase waiting to pound.

MENA’s Francophones and Anglophones !

We have published this beautiful article on 13 January 2015 in the Forums section of this website and under the title of  “Africa: why Francophones are lagging behind Anglophones; is it the case within the MENA region?” A summary of that article is : Lack of infrastructure, a poor corporate culture and bad governance.  French-speaking […]