From COP21 to COP22

The Mediterranean region is likely to figure prominently in the discussions taking place on the road from COP21 to COP22, and during the COP22 event itself. The Paris agreement addressed how much developing countries should take on climate change mitigation responsibilities, how developed countries should support developing countries financially to help them make those efforts, and how markets can effectively support mitigation.

Future of the major International Oil Companies

The Future of the major International Oil Companies (IOCs) such as BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell and Total, has never been as much in doubt in these days of low prices of oil and prevailing concern over the earth Climate Change.   According to the author of the proposed article, the business model that sustained these […]

The Euphrates troubled history of water relations

The Euphrates in crisis: Channels of Cooperation for a threatened river 14 April 2015 The Euphrates River is of critical importance for water, food and energy security in Turkey, Syria and Iraq. Flowing south-east for 2,700 kilometres from eastern Turkey to the Persian Gulf, it supports over 60 million people and – along with the Tigris, with […]